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Showing posts from December 31, 2017

Our new room!

We have had a great short, but first week back.  We are pleased with the new classroom arrangement, which allows for small group reading as well as more movement and flexible seating during the day. 

Here's our start to the new year:

We continue to build our understanding of language mechanics through the mentor sentence program.  This past week, students worked on sorting winter words that were either nouns or adjectives.  Because students are growing this parts of speech foundation, I can give them very specific feedback on the mechanics of their own writing.  And then, by partnering this work with our "Would You Rather" project, a series of short writing tasks, I hope that students will gain a deeper understanding of what makes great writing.  We tried out our first question this week:  Would you rather only have heat or only have air conditioning?  In this weather, you can imagine that many students chose heat!

We have only had one session of math this week because…

Happy New Year!

My New Year's Resolution is to continue my work on communication, sharing all the great work that your students are doing in 2nd grade.  The picture to the left is of our Holiday door.  You should notice that it is NOT GSB but GBS (Ginger Bread School).  These are original Ginger Bread Designs and the "brick" is handmade.  The right picture is the huge Thank You card we made for Lincoln Academy's International students.  To either side, I hung up our international posters.  I hope you had a chance to see your student's international poster come home in their folder. 

I hope you are staying warm!