Saturday, July 22, 2017

Chewonki Visit

We had the pleasure of a visit from the Chewonki Outreach Program.  We talked with our presenter about Vernal Pools.  If you don't know,

Vernal pools, also called vernal ponds or ephemeral pools, are temporary pools of water that provide habitat for distinctive plants and animals.

This is a great start to our Rivers, Lakes and Stream unit which involves an intensive field trip and learning program for first and second graders.  We had the fortune of visiting with a turtle, a frog and a salamander.  

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Prodigy Information

We continue to use Prodigy and other applications to support and reinforce math skills as well as introduce and build new skills.  I am pleased with the students level of motivation and excitement, as well as how they seem to be solidifying numeracy skills.  The most important reason I am using Prodigy is that it allows higher skilled students to advance and lower skilled students to build confidence because they are no longer worried about keeping up.

Here is some great information about how to manage the social element of Prodigy.  One thing that we have done in the classroom is to list the Prodigy names of classmates.  In a group discussion, students came up with the solution that only classmates are to be on their friend list.  I will send this list home to you on Monday.  The other option is that students can play the game offline.  Here is a link to Prodigy's philosophy:

Prodigy Privacy Policy

As always, please call or email if you would like to talk more about this issue.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Oh, what a busy day!!

Here's the run down:

1.  We are doing a lot of science these days.  Part of the second grade writing program involves science writing.  We are making regular entries in our science notebook about experiments that get us thinking about the properties and states of matter.  Today we used peas and toothpicks to mimic the molecular structure of matter.  I encouraged them to think about the structure of ice, but most of them represented houses, castles and lazers.  Here is a link to a handful of pics:Molecular Snacks

2.  We WILL finish this music box.  Our class is so fortunate to be a part of this start to finish building project.  Today students set up the frame and we're moving toward finishing the teeth of the project.  We also did some experiments on the side with sound and music.  You may already be aware that we made kazoos.  My apologies in advance.  I did not think they would work is well as they do.

3.  Today, Mrs. Welch invited us to have a little reading time outside in their court yard.  It was a nice break from our regular routine and Mrs. Welch, as well as the other 3rd grade teachers are starting to get to know your almost 3rd graders.  Reading with 3rd grade

Finally, many students were very interested in learning cursive.  They were all excited to learn basic strokes, and the letters c and a.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Comparing Solids

Comparing Solids by Shape

We are doing scientific writing on matter.  Many students are quite familiar with the states of matter as well as the properties, which means we can venture into physical and chemical changes.  Above is a slide show we created on Friday.  It is very simple but I wanted them to try their hand at digital drawing.  One student said that she felt like she was in kindergarten again.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Matter Hat

You might not know this, but your second grader has been stranded on a deserted island.  We are going to be taking on some "what if" tasks to support our learning about states of matter and their properties.

The first task was to design a hat from various house hold items that would protect them from the sun on the island.  Thinking about the properties of different materials, children had to tape together an arrangement of a hat.  It was so much fun that even 7th/8th grade Science Teacher, Mr. Stenstrom stopped by!  Here is a link for more pictures:

The Matter Hat

Chewonki Visit

We had the pleasure of a visit from the Chewonki Outreach Program.  We talked with our presenter about Vernal Pools.  If you don't know,...