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Community Needs

We had such a great time on Friday.  We worked on community needs for both Social Studies and Science.  We built simple bridges to connect the Roxaboxen community together on our bird's eye map and then we talk about the importance of water to a community.  Students spent all afternoon designing everything from water catchers to septic systems.  One surprise for me was when students added little squares of fabric to their designs and called them sanitation mats.   The purpose the mats was to trap the dirt in water.  We talked about clean water and they came up with their own way to filter it!!  

We'll continue this week designing and building around community needs.  We will then host Bill Morgner of Midcoast Energy Systems at the end of the month.

Here is a link to more photos.  Thanks in advance for your patience with my photography skills.

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GSB Roxaboxen

Welcome to GSB Roxaboxen.  We read Roxaboxen by Alice Mclerran/ illustrated by Barbara Cooney.  Roxaboxen is about a group of kids that design and build a make believe community.  In fact, it is a true story.  Go to this link to check out the monument erected for this act of community and imagination.  Roxaboxen

Week 1

What a busy 3 days we had last week!  We worked on building community and establishing routines for building academics.  Here is some language that I hope you will start to hear at home:

Talk Moves:

"Talk Moves" are how we interact in a discussion and during a lesson.  So far, we have learned about whole body listening(minion manners), how to agree and disagree with each other, as well as repeating something important that someone else has said.  Talk Moves lay the ground work for individualized, higher level thinking and learning.

Best Quality Cookies:

Our first "science" experiment was all about what kind of cookies are best.  This was to illustrate the expectation of best quality work in the classroom.  I put it in during our science time because the activity involved following step by step directions.  Ask to see the best quality cookie sign when you come to visit us at Open House.

We've also talked about routines for literacy and launched the new Bridges Pr…

2nd Grade Open House

Please stop by and visit 2nd grade!  
On Monday, August 28th, I will be in the building from 3 - 5pm.

Families are welcome to come to see the room and ask questions.  

Welcome Back Letter

Dear 2nd Grade Families,

I hope that summer is treating your family well.  Although we still have plenty of summer left, it’s already time to write to you about the upcoming school year.  

I had a marvelous time with your students at Step Up Day.  We read a story called “The Opposite” by Tom MacRae.  It is about a boy who is visited by the Opposite, which causes him to do the opposite of whatever he is told to do.   The boy cleverly conquers the opposite and enjoys getting back on track in his daily life.  We also created a classroom quilt about ourselves with the special markers.  I’ll post this as soon as we “stitch” it together.

A little about me: This will be my 4th year teaching at GSB. I like to tell folks that I am an old-new teacher as I came to public school teaching mid-life.  While my work has always involved kids, it’s been in alternative settings.   I live with my husband Kevin and my 2 kids, Skyler(8th grade) and Mica(6th grade).  Skyler and Mica have been at GSB since kinde…