Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Ice Hockey
If you haven't been to Hidden Valley Nature Center, your student can take you to the barn, and to the Yurt which stands above the "hidden valley."  Despite the challenges of a slippery, icy trail we made our way down the access road, some of us walking gingerly and some of us launching ourself across the ice for a fun slide.  During lunch, we benefitted from Mrs. Fake's knowledge of the area and enjoyed conversation in the barn.  The cafeteria does not compare!  What a lovely lunch!

I gave them the challenge of walking in a line up the hillside to the yurt.  This meant that each child would not overtake the person in front of them and offer encouraging words to those who struggled with footing.  They did a spectacular job.  We then took a look off the deck of the yurt at the hidden valley and gathered in the yurt for a silly story about a moose.  We checked in about being respectful toward each other and then made our way down the steep hillside.
Figure Skating

Perimeter of a square
At the bottom, we found a great patch of ice to slip and slide and have "recess" on.  We ran out of time before we could give proper time for our perimeter exploration with sticks, but some of us were able to show shapes with sticks.  On the bus ride home, we pulled out our books and read quietly.  The students received high praise from John, the bus driver, who is not easy with compliments.  I do hope we will go again soon and maybe parents will join us.  I'll let you know.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Outdoor Classroom Challenges

Mrs. Fake and I have been joining forces during outdoor classroom.  It makes for quite an energetic end of the day!  Yesterday, we gave the kids 2 Everest Challenges.  First in teams of 4, that included at least 1 girl and 1 boy, the kids had to make their way across the field to the far field goal posts. Most of the teams ran and then waited for those that needed a little more time.  We explained to the kids if they were on Mt. Everest, they probably would have lost their team mates on the mountain. What was really successful was a chance to burn off some energy!  Second grade legs running through 24 inches of snow!!

The second challenge was to build a snow man as tall as the American Flag.  This challenge brought some great focus and collaboration.  One team thought to pass snow balls up the snow bank, fire line style.

I hope everyone has a great break.  I look forward to many more adventures and learning when we return.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Number sense and support for math at home

We are working on building number sense during math.   I wanted to share with you a couple of links that your family might find helpful.

1.  Today, we used the video below to review an open number line.  It's not a very entertaining presentation but it does break down the steps of what using an open number line looks like and how it is helpful.
Open Number Lines

2.  Learn Zillion has a collection of lessons that are standards aligned.  You can look at just the videos or you can go through the lesson - each is usually about 5 minutes in presentation time.  This is where the open number line video is from.


3.  The next website was recommended by another teacher as a fun way to practice fluency and games around math.  Take care that there are some advertisements.


Lastly, your child has a sheet for homework called Magic Squares.  Magic squares are a way to practice addition with 3 addends.  The sum is given above the square.  For example, for the first square, the sum is 15.  The columns and rows should all add up to 15, as well as the diagonals.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions regarding math, especially if we don't have school tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Animal Shelter

It was fun to host the Animal Shelter in our classroom on Tuesday.  Mia, the shelter dog, came to visit with her person Morgen(the volunteer coordinator for the Animal Shelter).  Morgen encouraged kids to think about ways they can help out the Animal Shelter.  She also talked about humane education, how to treat a dog and how to read a dog's behaviors.  Today we made posters about how to take care of dogs.  On our lap tops we found pictures of shelter dogs to inspire our drawings.

Dogs need:

Love, Exercise, Health Care, Food and Water, 
Toys and playtime

Friday, January 27, 2017

The History of Donuts

We had a celebration of donuts today to celebrate hitting 1,000 Class Dojo points.  Prior to viewing the video, I gave them some preview questions.  This was a great opportunity to practice WH questions.  After, we went back and answered the questions as a class.  Their task was to make a small book called, "The History of Donuts."  For snack, I made donut holes and lemonade.

The day continued to get better.  Math buddies brought card games and taught us SLAM 10 and Go Fish with a Twist.  This afternoon, Kassie brought her Ozbots.  They were able to take their coding skills and apply them to these mini robots.  Here is the Ozbot link:  ozbot.

This afternoon, we read The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind with Mrs. Fake and then I taught the classic paper airplane design.  The day ended with plane experimentation on the playground.