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Carrying Water

Today for Science Friday, we talked about communities that don't have running water. Below is a link to a youtube clip that highlights Massai Women and how clean water has changed their lives.  Children were surprised to hear that this was not a thing of the past.  Communities in developing countries are challenged by fulfilling this critical need today.  Here is the link:

Massai Women, Clean Water Project

We followed the video up with the challenge of moving water from one spot in the classroom to another.  One team was able to move 6 inches of water and one team was able to move 7 inches of water.  Prior to checking the results we talked about sportsmanship.  This group is energetic, but generally seems tuned in to others' feelings.  It is so much fun to be a part of their second grade year.

I am very much looking forward to our visit with Bill Morgner of Midcoast Energy next week.  I think we all get how important clean, running water is now and I think the children will a…

Community Needs

We had such a great time on Friday.  We worked on community needs for both Social Studies and Science.  We built simple bridges to connect the Roxaboxen community together on our bird's eye map and then we talk about the importance of water to a community.  Students spent all afternoon designing everything from water catchers to septic systems.  One surprise for me was when students added little squares of fabric to their designs and called them sanitation mats.   The purpose the mats was to trap the dirt in water.  We talked about clean water and they came up with their own way to filter it!!  

We'll continue this week designing and building around community needs.  We will then host Bill Morgner of Midcoast Energy Systems at the end of the month.

Here is a link to more photos.  Thanks in advance for your patience with my photography skills.