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Showing posts from October 15, 2017

The plumbers continue their work!

Today their task was to solve the problem of getting water to our faraway school garden.  They made models or garden sprinklers and then we filled the models with water outside.  Some of them were able to use gravity and air pressure to create a strong stream of water.

FARMS kitchen

We had a great time at FARMS kitchen.  The recipes were all about pumpkins.  We made pumpkin soup, pumpkin corn bread and roasted pumpkin.  The kids really liked the pumpkin bread and the pumpkin soup.  They were surprised that we had to scoop out the pumpkin pulp.  Kaydence, Alex and Brayden, Miriam, Spencer and Laurelai were part of the pumpkin bread team.  While we were waiting for dishes to come out of the oven we drew Halloween pictures and Karen Kleinkoph read a story about the pumpkin life cycle.