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Science Friday - 3 Little Pigs

October is Fairy Tale month.  On Thursday, students learned my epilogue of "The Three Little Pigs."  In some versions of tale, pigs "1" and "2" end up living with pig "3" happily ever after.  Yes, this is true, but eventually the pigs start tiring of sharing such a small space.  In order, to stay in the "happily ever after" place that all fairy tales end with, pigs "1" and "2" decide to go out and find other living accommodations.  Instead of building houses, they are going shopping for a house. 

The students' job was to build models of houses that a pig might choose to buy.  Prior to building students talked about the type of materials available to them, the properties each material offered to make for a great house.  We talked about strength, size, texture and shape as properties that would guide choices for building.  Here is a link to our models: