Saturday, May 6, 2017

Prodigy Information

We continue to use Prodigy and other applications to support and reinforce math skills as well as introduce and build new skills.  I am pleased with the students level of motivation and excitement, as well as how they seem to be solidifying numeracy skills.  The most important reason I am using Prodigy is that it allows higher skilled students to advance and lower skilled students to build confidence because they are no longer worried about keeping up.

Here is some great information about how to manage the social element of Prodigy.  One thing that we have done in the classroom is to list the Prodigy names of classmates.  In a group discussion, students came up with the solution that only classmates are to be on their friend list.  I will send this list home to you on Monday.  The other option is that students can play the game offline.  Here is a link to Prodigy's philosophy:

Prodigy Privacy Policy

As always, please call or email if you would like to talk more about this issue.

Chewonki Visit

We had the pleasure of a visit from the Chewonki Outreach Program.  We talked with our presenter about Vernal Pools.  If you don't know,...