Saturday, February 18, 2017

Outdoor Classroom Challenges

Mrs. Fake and I have been joining forces during outdoor classroom.  It makes for quite an energetic end of the day!  Yesterday, we gave the kids 2 Everest Challenges.  First in teams of 4, that included at least 1 girl and 1 boy, the kids had to make their way across the field to the far field goal posts. Most of the teams ran and then waited for those that needed a little more time.  We explained to the kids if they were on Mt. Everest, they probably would have lost their team mates on the mountain. What was really successful was a chance to burn off some energy!  Second grade legs running through 24 inches of snow!!

The second challenge was to build a snow man as tall as the American Flag.  This challenge brought some great focus and collaboration.  One team thought to pass snow balls up the snow bank, fire line style.

I hope everyone has a great break.  I look forward to many more adventures and learning when we return.

Chewonki Visit

We had the pleasure of a visit from the Chewonki Outreach Program.  We talked with our presenter about Vernal Pools.  If you don't know,...