Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Number sense and support for math at home

We are working on building number sense during math.   I wanted to share with you a couple of links that your family might find helpful.

1.  Today, we used the video below to review an open number line.  It's not a very entertaining presentation but it does break down the steps of what using an open number line looks like and how it is helpful.
Open Number Lines

2.  Learn Zillion has a collection of lessons that are standards aligned.  You can look at just the videos or you can go through the lesson - each is usually about 5 minutes in presentation time.  This is where the open number line video is from.

3.  The next website was recommended by another teacher as a fun way to practice fluency and games around math.  Take care that there are some advertisements.

Lastly, your child has a sheet for homework called Magic Squares.  Magic squares are a way to practice addition with 3 addends.  The sum is given above the square.  For example, for the first square, the sum is 15.  The columns and rows should all add up to 15, as well as the diagonals.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions regarding math, especially if we don't have school tomorrow.

Chewonki Visit

We had the pleasure of a visit from the Chewonki Outreach Program.  We talked with our presenter about Vernal Pools.  If you don't know,...