Thursday, October 6, 2016

What if Jack didn't have a bean stalk?

This week we started reading, writing and doing science about fairy tales.  In the beginning of the week, we talked about beans and how seeds germinate.  We then opened up beans and tried to draw the different parts of the seed.  You really have to look closely to see anything.

We mostly could see the cotyledon and the radicle in our beans.  We also watched a time lapse video of a bean seed sprouting.  The follow up to this conversation was then to create a what if situation.  What if Jack couldn't use the bean stalk to get away from the giant?  This then led us to think and talk about what type of materials they would need to build all sorts of things from mechanical birds, to parachutes, to slides.  This project highlights one of my favorite group of science standards for second graders.  Solving a problem or a what if?, designing a solution and building a model.  We'll continue to return to this type of project throughout the year.  It pushes students to explore, problem solve and think independently.  There are only right answers.  We test their solutions by saying things like, would this be safe for Jack?  For example, one student made an excellent slide but Jack fell off, so he added rails to his slide.  Your kids were spectacular today at this, in fact, all day, we were all on our game.

Please note that I forgot to send home the share sheet.  We will take a week off and start again the following week.  Enjoy your holiday with your kids.  They should be proud of what they've done in the first 25 days of second grade.  The break is well deserved!!! Here is the link to the new pics. Enjoy.

Jack and the Beanstalk Pics

Chewonki Visit

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