Monday, September 12, 2016

Homework and Pumpkins!

I realized how much homework was sent home on Friday when it ALL came in this morning.  Wow! I will try to spread homework out across the week.  We have only established 2 homework routines so far:  reading log and share sheet.  Please notice that the reading log is open.  The Reading Log is a communication between home and school about what is being read at home.  There are lots of lines to write more, but the title of the book and about how many minutes would be great information.

We have gotten a good start on Share Sheets.  Right now, I am asking that students write one sentence with capitalization and a period.  Next week, we will move to a 3 sentence rule in second grade.  I am noticing that I have some writers that have great ideas, but not a lot of stamina.  The share sheet is a great way to work that writer's muscle and ELABORATE.

We are still establishing math routines so I haven't really got a math homework routine, yet.  If you are a family that likes homework, encouraging your child to become a calculator and practice math facts, addition and subtraction, first with 1 digit numbers and then with 2 digit numbers would support our work in the classroom.  This practice can be flipped too.  In other words, ask your childhow many ways they can add to 10 gets them thinking about how different combinations can equal the same answer.

I see homework as a great way for students to share with you and include you in what they are doing in school.  Please keep me posted if there are nights that homework just doesn't fit into your evening. I get it.  When there is space in your evening, I told the kids to think of it as an opportunity and most importantly it should be fun for them to "show off" for you.

Today, we helped out in the school garden by harvesting penquins...I mean pumpkins!  Just seeing if you were paying attention.  Here's the link.  I must have had my finger on video because each picture gives you a half-second of movement.  Enjoy!

Pumpkin Pics

Chewonki Visit

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