Friday, September 2, 2016

First Day

We have had an awesome start to the school year.  I am pleased to be a part of your students 2nd grade year.  What stood out for me yesterday was the level of responsibility each child showed for their work, their things, their jobs and each other.   Here are some reminders and updates. 

·      We talked about the 3 strikes rule in my classroom.  Three strikes means that a student has been given multiple reminders and needs to step out of the group to get back on track. 

·      Class DoJo is a way that I will use to support and highlight positive behaviors.  Well get that going on Tuesday when the technology will be ready.

·      Please encourage your child to bring in a drawing from home to put on our welcome board.  The ones that have come in are perfect!  There are no requirements.  Students have been asked to draw a picture for me.  It can be about their summer, their family or simply something that they like to draw.

·      You will find a list of high frequency words in your childs folder.  We will be working on building your childs knowledge of sight words and hope to see a years growth in June.  Please disregard the grade level, especially if your child is still developing as a reader.  I encourage you to find a handful of words and make flash cards that you could tack up on the refrigerator.  Seeing new words on a regular basis will build confidence and strengthen memory.

·      Every Friday, your child will receive a reading journal sheet.  You will notice that the journal marks Monday through Thursday.  A child can add their weekend hours to a different day if they choose.  The purpose of this journal is to give me more information about your child as a reader. 

·      Every Friday, your child will also get a share sheet.  Children are encouraged to take a turn once a week to talk in front of the class about a particular theme.  This first weeks theme is All about Me.  Please find a paper bag in your students folder that gives the details of this first week of share.

Thank you very much for taking the time to stay updated!  Dont hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Chewonki Visit

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