Thursday, September 29, 2016

Conservation Fair

We had beautiful weather for the field trip today.  We spent a whole day learning about Earth related themes through kid-friendly info talks, singing and hands on activities.  Highlights for the group included learning about wild blueberry cultivation, aquaponics, decomposers and ecosystems.  We also found the horse track and ran all the way around it!!!!  The kids were so on their game that they earned 200 dojo points today.  I love a field trip for the opportunity to step up to more responsibility and build our classroom team.  Here is a link to a handful of pics.

Conservation Fair

The famous GSB Ecosystem Chorus.
Hmm.....Rot, Rot, Rot, Grow, Grow, Grow, Munch, Munch Munch.

Chewonki Visit

We had the pleasure of a visit from the Chewonki Outreach Program.  We talked with our presenter about Vernal Pools.  If you don't know,...